California Employee Training Program (ETP)

 Now Regular employees of KGO can receive free training in 95% of the classes that BAVC offers. This offer is through the California State Employment Training Program (ETP).  All of the enrollment forms are available here for you to fill out and submit to BAVC.

 Here is what you need to know about the enrolment forms:

 Under the rules of the State, you must be working 90 days before and after the completion of the class.  This means that Daily Hires currently can not take advantage of this offer. Reduced rates however are available in this case. Click here for details.   

Employment Training Program Student FAQ click here.

Complete the forms after reading them carefully and obtaining an approval signature from your manager or Debbie in the HR department.  There should not be a problem getting approval for any class BAVC offers.  If however you are unable to obtain approval, please call the NABET office at (415) 398-3160 so we can resolve the problem.

 1.)    ETP Student Enrollment Agreement (3 Pages)

 If you do not know how many hours of classes you want to commit to (40, 48, 64, or 80 hrs.) then you can leave that part blank. BAVC can fill it in later once you decide.

They need the demographics info, which includes your hourly salary and Social Security Number. The State uses this info to monitor the employee's employment status during the training. They want to make sure that after receiving training, the employee is
not let go or their salary does not decrease.

 2.)    The Trainee Authorization Form.  

 Be sure to fill in the boxes at the bottom of the page. Leave the
top lines blank. BAVC will fill out that info. Mail this form along with the
Student Enrollment Agrements to BAVC. Do Not mail this form to the listed address (Sacramento)!  BAVC will need the Original Hard Copies of the above forms to submit to the State.

 Mail the forms to : Bay Area Video Coalition 2727 Mariposa St. Second Flr. San Francisco, CA 94110 Attn. Dov Golodner
To move the process along you than can may fax the forms in for preprocessing and then mail the originals to BAVC.

3.)   The Student Enrollment Form.

  This form is used to enroll in classes. Once you have decided which classes
and hours (40, 48, 64, or 80) you want to take, this is the form you will fill
out and fax back to BAVC. You will need to fill out the top part with pertinent info, list the class(es) you want to enroll in, and have your manager or HR sign and date the form. BAVC does not need the original copy of this form. It can be faxed in to: 415-861-4316 Attn. Dov Golodner. Please make sure you do not go over your chosen ETP hours or you will be paying this amount yourself.

 4. The Add/Drop form.

 You should make a few copies of this form for future use.  This form is used to cancel, reschedule, or add a class. The directions to filling it out are the same as the Student Enrollment Form.

Should you have any questions about the forms or process you may contact :

 Dov Golodner
Head of ETP Client Services
Bay Area Video Coalition
2727 Mariposa Street 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94110
P: 415-558-2110 /
F: 415-861-4316