Here is how the Program Works


Step 1.  KDTV Full-Time employees fill out the Application for
              Educational Assistance form and submit it to KDTV management
              for approval.

Step 2.  NABET members, in good standing, then fill out an Application
               for the NABET-KDTV Training Voucher Program and
               submit it to the Union office along with the approved        
               Application for Educational Assistance.

 Step 3. Once the application is approved, and a class schedule is
               agreed, the Union will make full payment for the class tuition to
               the Bay Area Video Coalition.

 Step 4. After the employee has completed the pre-approved course, the
              employee will submit the receipt along with the tuition
              reimbursement form to KDTV Human Resources for payment.

 Step 5.  Upon receipt of reimbursement from KDTV, the employee will
                reimburse NABET Local 51 for the full cost of the course.


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