KDTV Information

July 14, 1997

The 45 new union members at the Spanish-language TV station KDTV Channel 14, need your support. KDTV, owned by the Univision Corporation, is part of a division which showed an 18% profit last year.   Why should we settle for less than a strong, negotiated contract with full benefits and wages, not the $11 an hour some on-air reporters get now?

In January the wall-to-wall unit voted over 3 to 1 for union representation.   Since that time, KDTV has stonewalled our attempts to negotiate in a timely way.   Management waited until May 13 to come to the table and until June 6 to present their proposals.    Since May, KDTV's San Diego based attorney has made himself available for bargaining only 2 days each month.   Univision's stalling tactics are unacceptable.   Last March, after a year of negotiations, the NABET-CWA unit in Chicago finally reached an agreement with Univision.    Only through the strong support of the community were these negotiations concluded.

KDTV's proposals, eliminating all disability coverage and cutting sick leave in half, make it clear they want to penalize those who chose union representation.    Proposals such as removing the 401(k) retirement plan show that KDTV's bargaining strategy is based on confrontation not cooperation.

Please help us to persuade KDTV to reach an agreement quickly by contacting both KDTV General Manager Medina and new President of Univision Henry Cisneros (former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Clinton).    Urge them to treat the Hispanic television employees like first class citizens of a first class TV station:

Mr. Henry Cisneros Ms. Marcella Medina
President General Manager
Univision Communications, Inc. KDTV Channel 14
6701 Center Drive West, Suite 700 50 Fremont Street, 41st Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90045-5073 San Francisco, CA 94105
PH: 310-348-3600 PH: 415-538-8000
FAX: 310-348-3645 FAX: 415-538-8053

If we do not see meaningful progress soon, we will be asking you to boycott KDTV until we have a fair contract.   Thank you in advance for your efforts.    Please send us a copy of your letters, and we will keep you updated on our progress.

Sincerely in Solidarity,

(signed) Melody Knight, Vice President

(signed) Rito Vargas, Chief Photographer